From now untill July 1st we are not making any custom hammocks unless we have already talked to you about a hammock. Everything is still available.

Strap Sack

Strap Sack

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When you break down camp your tree straps can be wet from the rain or dew and even worst they could have tree sap on them. Because of this having a stuff sack made from waterproof material can protect your other gear from getting wet or getting sap on it.

The strap sack is made from Silnylon , a waterproof material , and we used a bright orange material because many people have taken down their straps and set them off to the side while packing other gear then walked off and forgot their straps. Hopefully the bright color will help you to remember your straps.

This bag has a draw string closure and will easily fit a pair of 12 ft tree straps. The bag is approximately 8 inches by 7 inches allowing enough room to just stuff the straps in the bag and weighs 0.20 OZ or 6 grams.